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Try Panama Real Estate – Rentals – Relocation – Property Management – Law Firm

Try Panama Real Estate Agents In Coronado Panama:3 Girls

panama real estate agentsCorrin Skubin,  originally from Flourtown, PA migrated to Panama in 2003 (12 years ago!) as a Peace Corps  Volunteer, where she lived and worked in the Ngobe Indian Reservation for over 2 years.   She has  lived a colorful life here in Panama for the last 12 years, learning to speak both Spanish and Ngobe fluently, hiking throughout the country visiting communities in some of the most remote parts of  the country and experiencing first- hand, the true traditions and culture of Panama life.  After living  and working in the province of Bocas del Toro for three years, she moved to El Valle de Anton to get  a taste of mountain life and to start Dharma Valley Retreat Center.  Yearning for warm weather, she  returned to the coast, but this time chose the Pacific Coast of Panama where she now lives, works  and enjoys all the benefits of living a beach life.

Corrin, a former owner of a property management and rental Company on the Paific Coast, several years in mortgages and title Companies in the USA, and now with 10 years under her belt in real estate in Panama, she decided to open Try Panama Real Estate. As managing director, she is efficient and driven, but friendly and dedicated seem to describe her best.  She has lived in the Pacific Coast/Coronado area for the last 8 years and has gotten to know the area and its residents quite well. She has dedicated her time to getting to know the area imtimately; all of its back streets, beaches, hiking trails, mountain tops and comunities. She is well known thoughout the area with both expats and locals alike for her comprehensive local knowledge and always being able to assist where needed. She is a passionate runner, vegetarian, and an animal lover. Contact Corrin directly at [email protected], #345-4375 Office, #6550-6302 Cell.


panama real estateBeth McGuyton, native Texan, took a leap of faith and ventured to Panama in September 2013 with her spunky 10-year-old daughter.  Having lived in Costa Rica as a young woman, she wanted to give her daughter the same valuable experience of learning a new language and experiencing another culture.  Her initial plan was to return to the US after the school year was over and back to the sales world she temporarily left behind.  She immediately fell in love with Panama and the Coronado community and decided to stay permanently.  She could not be happier with her decision!

Beth enthusiastically joined the Try Panama team becoming a Panama real estate agent and brings along her “can do” attitude, sunny outlook, hard work ethic and outstanding communication skills.  She attends to the individual needs of each of her clients and strives to assist in all areas of the relocation process.  In her free time you can find her socializing, enjoying the outdoors, cooking or reading a book in her hammock.  She would love to hear from you so feel free to contact her at [email protected] or 6233.9432.

Lorna resize lcCulnane was originally born in Warwickshire, England, but lived on the South Coast of England for the last ten years before relocating here with her Husband and 11 year old son early 2014.

Formerly owning her own company, she then spent the last 7 years in housing as a Project Manager working with young people from deprived backgrounds.

Lorna has developed her knowledge of the beaches area and the city over the last two years of coming to Panama and has a good grounding on all the pros and cons that go with relocating a family.  She understands the importance of finding the right area and home for people and cares a great deal about this.

Highly skilled in outstanding customer service, management, marketing and PR, a history of exceeding expectations and her passion for working with people from all walks of life will ensure our customers will receive first class service.

Lorna also has a holistic health background, loves the beach and has adopted 5 stray puppies since arriving here. She is a regular volunteer for Spay the Strays and enjoys spending time in the local communities.  Contact Lorna via email [email protected] or by Mobile – (507) 6249 1511 Office – 345 4375.

Broce Pinilla Law Firm Services:

Jose Guillermo Broce Pinilla founded Broce-PINILLA & Associates Law Firm in 2005, with the goal of providing a service to customers other than what the traditional law firms offered at that time.  With this goal in mind a team of attorneys with excellent experience in the field of law was created, thus covering the entire spectrum of what a Company, whether national or foreign, may need in order to relocate to Panama.

Jose Guillermo has succeeded in creating management structures for his customers through  specializing in the formation of Panama Corporations and Panamanian Foundations. In addition, he offers Panama Immigration services, Panama Real Estate transaction processing and Panama escrow services.  Broce-Pinilla & Associates work with top offshore banks to process offshore bank introductions for Panama bank accounts and offshore bank accounts in the top offshore tax havens.

Jose Guillermo graduated from the University of Santa Maria La Antigua’s School of Law and Political Science and has developed in the field of Commercial and Administrative Law by applying principles of business, thus achieving a balance between the needs of customers and necessities for providing appropriate legal protection.

An expert in the field of business in Panama, Jose Guillermo has promoted procedures for administration of business that have offered increased profitability for its business owners.  He has vast experience in negotiations between both national and international companies.  He represents Panama as a BMW Super Bike Pilot and competes internationally throughout the year.  He is bilingual and lives and works in Panama City and from the Try Panama Coronado beach office. Jose Broce can be reached by email at [email protected]