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A New Reality

by Beth McGuyton on March 26, 2020
A New Reality

These are, without a doubt, interesting times. In less than a week, our idyllic lives have been upended and the reality of the worldwide pandemic impacts are here. This is our new reality and there is no end date in sight.

Social distancing is the new norm and is imperative to keep as many people healthy, flatten the curve and slow the rates of infections. As we round out the first full week of government mandated action, everyone is asked to stay home and we are doing just that.

We have sufficient supplies for a few weeks and plenty to keep busy. Our street is quiet, aside from gardeners, the city people have stayed put. Most of the snowbirds have returned to their places of origin as borders close. And airlines are grounded. Those who are staying are scrambling to put plans in place to accommodate.

A few suggestions for preparation: Put some gas in your vehicle, withdraw some cash, top up your basic supplies, buy only what you need. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open and stock is good. There are community groups popping up on FB offering services to shop for those who cannot.

We have no idea on timelines for testing, treatment and vaccine availability.  For now, your best defenses are washing hands often, not touching your face, reducing contact and isolating if you get sick. Staying hydrated is important.

Stay smart and this too shall pass.

I will document the passing days as we hunker down and do our part to slow the spread of covid -19.

Day 1:

Another beautiful morning in paradise, coffee in hand, relaxing in the bohio. Water has been on and off lately which is a negative for those trying to keep their hands clean. We got a bottle of hand sanitizer before they were sold out but water is a necessity. We have a tank but no well so we carefully monitor use in these times.

Day 7:

I updated earlier notes to include the rapid changes to the situation. We remain in quarantine as the government considers additional mandates to keep people home and safe. Roadblocks and spot checks are in place to keep people in their districts and reduce spread. Alcohol sales are forbidden. Along with closing beaches, the usual weekend crowds have stayed in the city.

Local restaurants remain open for take out or delivery. The economic impacts are very real for many and I applaud their fortitude to not just provide for their patrons but also to keep paying as many employees as they can. Please support your local businesses and when this is all over, we will once again be able to enjoy our community favorites.

I spent much of the last week glued to news feeds constantly checking for updates. The nonstop changes become addictive.

As week two begins, it’s time to focus elsewhere. Look around where you are. What a beautiful place to be. Play some music. Dance. Read a book. Disconnect for a while. Clean something, anything, everything. Cook something interesting. Call your family. Check up on your neighbors from a distance. Do a puzzle, play a game. Exercise. Stay healthy. Breathe. Meditate. Adjust.

A group of friends began virtual happy hour. Find ways to connect creatively. Be thankful for connectivity.

This is the new reality. Just as we adjusted to the changes from 9-11, we will adapt. So please stay home, stay safe, stay healthy, mentally and physically.

Do your part to flatten the curve and save lives.






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