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Dorothee Upchurch

Relocation Specialist
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About Me

Dorothee Upchurch moved to Panama in 2015. Born and raised in Germany, she started her career in the hospitality industry after completing her degree in Hotel Management. After years of traveling and working in numerous resorts and hotels throughout Europe, Dorothee met her husband Bill and moved to the US. She continued her working path and held a position as Assistant Manager with IGH for 10 years before moving to Panama.

As founders of Coronado Concierge Panama, Dorothee and her husband Bill have developed strong ties in the community. Their website quickly became the go-to website for visitors and Expats in the area. Their passion for Panama, plus the strong background in Hospitality and Tourism led them to create another aspect of their business. Since 2017 they organize group events and excursions to explore Panama.

Recently Dorothee, her husband Bill and Beth Mc Guyton teamed up and created Panacific Relocation Tours, a one-stop Relocation service to help others follow their dream of living at the Panama Pacific beaches.

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