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Beach Life in Panama, Central America

by TPAdmin on October 21, 2019
Beach Life in Panama, Central America

While Panama has a rich and vast array of tourist destinations, determining the best places to visit in Panama Central America is largely dependent on you. The Panama Canal is a wonder not to be missed. 

For many, traveling to any tropical locale must include beach time. 

Several beaches are included in top 10 places to visit in Panama so when its time to kick back and get in some serious relaxation time, the choices are wide open. San Blas, Isla Coiba, Bocas del Toro, Isla Contedora and more are perfect settings to explore. 

If you are seeking the best beach in Panama South America, it is going to come down to personal taste. For natural beauty and peaceful relaxation, the San Blas’ white sand and pristine waters could take top spot. If activities are more your style, Santa Catalina’s beach break is surfer heaven. Determining top spot could become your personal adventure. With more than fifteen beaches to explore, you may be ready for more than a vacation.

If your Panamanian experience leaves you wanting more, you may be asking, “should I move to Panama?”.  

Many dream of giving it all up, packing up and moving to the beach. Some do more than dream and do just that. 

When it’s your time to escape from the hustle and bustle, you may not even leave behind many of the conveniences associated with North American or European city living. 

For many, the best place to live in Panama South America is only about a ninety minute drive from Panama City.  This area includes the strip of communities from Neuva Gorgona to San Carlos accessible from the Interamericana Highway. 

The beach communities along the shoreline include several condo developments and private homes, public beaches, beach clubs and restaurants, even fish markets. 

The single greatest benefit of living at the beach is simply living at the beach. It may be the ocean vista visible as you wake, the sound of endless rolling waves, the majesty of the tides and ever changing landscape, that you seek. 

Perhaps it is the concept of mañana … nothing is so important it can’t wait until tomorrow. It takes a bit of time but once you can let go and relax, mañana makes a lot of sense. 

Living by the ocean provides healthy benefits. The salty sea air is good for the lungs and skin, ocean swims speed healing and boost circulation. Sleep is enhanced. Limiting sun exposure and using sunscreen, boosts your vitamin D naturally which wards off effects of SAD, suffered by many from northern climes. 

The difference between living in and outdoors is significant. If you come from a norther climate, you spend the vast majority of your time indoors. The news is full of dire warnings of the toxic chemicals locked up in our insulated and super sealed homes. 

Simple solution is to get outside. Most Panamanian homes have outdoor living spaces: fully furnished balconies, bohios, as well as cooking areas. You can start your day with coffee on the patio, walk the beach, work in the garden, lay back and chill in the bohio with a cool drink before taking a dip in the pool. With an outdoor change room and shower, no need to be inside at all. Breathe deeply. 

Walking the beaches from Coronado’s Playa Serena, with its black and white sand over to Neuva Gorgona’s public beach in the morning and you may not encounter another person.  Those you do occasionally meet always have a friendly greeting. 

Mornings are particularly peaceful, afternoon and weekends are often busy. Some days you can walk out to the water for ages, some days the beach is barely accessible. The actual beach changes daily with the tides, it is new everyday.

If you are more activity inclined, Punta Chame, El Palmar and more offer surfing and lessons. If you just want to chill, beach side restaurants at Playa Farallon, Hotel Decameron and Nico’s Beach, Pipa’s Beach Bar, offer local and international menus and drinks. Swim while you wait for your food to arrive. 

Fitness and yoga classes are popular with variety to meet your workout needs. 

Volunteers are always welcome at the many charitable organizations if you are so inclined. 

Beach life seems to draw like minded people. The beach community is filled with those seeking, whether it be more or less of what they had, they want something new and different. Perhaps that sense of adventure required to trade the city for the beach connects us. 

Social life at the beach runs the gamut. You chose your level of activity and social interaction. Many groups are always seeking new members, local businesses offer social events weekly. Volunteer opportunities abound. The people are warm and friendly, a bit surprising how easy it has been to build a new network of like minded friends in a short period of time. 

This is the life at the beach: beautiful weather, good people, fun times, stunning nature and chill surroundings. Many dream of beach life. Some attain it. Most who do never look back. 

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