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Natural Beauty in Panama – Not Just At The Beaches…

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When my family and I first came to Panama, we were sure that we wanted to live on the beach, but we discovered very quickly that there was a lot more to Panama than it’s gorgeous beaches…

If you have never been to El Valle, Altos Del Maria or Trinity Hills Valley, you are missing out on some amazing scenery and stunning views. Pure natural beauty that simply takes your breath away, lush greenery and cool fresh mountain air, beautiful waterfalls and an abundance of birds, butterflies and animals.
Panama is such a diverse and beautiful country, make sure you check out all the options here before putting down any permanent roots! Remember, here at Try Panama we are experts in relocation and can help you find your dream home regardless of whether it is on the beach, up in the mountains or in the city!

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Driving in Panama Can Drive You Wild!

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One thing we can recommend here at Try Panama, regardless if you are coming to rent with us, or you are coming to Panama to look around with an idea to relocate here, Panama Roadrunner is run by Canadian’s Denise and Neil, they have a crew of English speaking drivers who are all fantastic (I know, I used to be one!) It is a professional and reliable transfer service that can be booked directly either by phone or On line. They will not only get you safely and calmly from the airport and back, but they offer Local tours, City tours, Relocation tours, days out and even take you to places like Jungle Land where the only ‘Wild’ experience you will have, is the one you wanted!

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Relocating to Panama – Never Say Never!

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Before we moved to Panama, we spent 18 months to 2 years researching where in the world we wanted to relocate to, Panama was not even on our radar! But we never say never!

We, like most people who relocate, had a long list of criteria, This list included things like: The County must have a growing economy (we were coming here to work and sadly couldn’t afford to retire yet!) a good infrastructure, good education (we have school age children) good healthcare, good weather, including safe weather (no hurricanes or tornados etc) a cheaper cost of living (UK living is very expensive!) relatively close to the City/Airport (for work commuting & family visits) and the list went on.

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