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Panama Relocation Services

Are you looking to “Try Panama Real Estate?”  It’s all in the name and we are here to help!  Our company is comprised of a bilingual team with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures… and we all have one thing in common… we are experts on Panama.  That combined with our extensive network of contacts allows YOU to kick back and relax while we guide you on your journey…no matter what stage you are in.  That is why we created the following packages; to ensure we have covered all bases and can extend a helping hand whether you are just beginning to explore or ready to make the big move:

The House Hunting Package

Try Panama Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm and one of our specialties is Property Management.  We have a large inventory of properties available under our umbrella which have met our standards and are maintained in optimal conditions.  However, also work with all legal and reputable agencies in the beach areas allowing you access to the best of the best.  The ultimate goal is to find the perfect place based off of your needs and wants. The House Hunting Package is our most popular package and allows you to secure housing quickly and efficiently.  So, let the hunt begin!

How it works:

Your dedicated Try Panama Real Estate relocation agent will schedule a consultation with you by mail, phone or Skype depending on your preference.  The consultation is designed to pinpoint your exact needs.  We can assist you with reserving housing from afar prior to your arrival or once you have arrived to Panama, we will organize visits to all the properties we determined are of interest and accompany you on all of them.  We will give you our expert advice and help you evaluate each of the properties you have seen to assist you with a final decision.  It’s nice to have an expert standing in your corner, especially in a new country!  And get this…this package is FREE for you…yes, FREE!  Property owners pay our real estate commission, therefore all requested from your side is the agreement to choose us as your agent and we in turn devote our time and skills…it’s a win-win!

The Essentials Package

After you have secured your new home, the next step is to set-up the essentials: Cell, Internet and banking.  This can be challenging with a language barrier and the processes can be difficult if you don’t know how to navigate them.  This package covers all the most essential basics you will need in order to be connected as soon as possible. We will assist in opening up a bank account for you under the best possible conditions, help secure the optimal mobile phone contract and establish your internet connection.  Please consult for price.

Relocation Tours Package

Try Panama Real Estate specializes in the Pacific Beach and Mountain Areas.  There are a variety of both beach and mountain towns which provide different types of housing (houses, condos, ranches, you name it) climate, amenities and price points.  We will schedule a consultation prior to your tour in order to customize the tour specifically for you.  If you do not know what climate, area, type of housing you are looking for, we can provide a generic tour which focuses on the different neighborhoods in the area and helps you to understand which one fits you best.  When we are together, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of living in each neighborhood including a detailed demonstration of available infrastructure such as supermarkets, public transportation, entertainment and gastronomy.  We offer both half (approx. 3 hours) and full day tours (approx. 6 hours) for up to 4 people at a time.  Please consult for price.

Utilities On! Package

Rental properties almost always come with gas, water, internet and electricity connected.  However, for clients purchasing in a new development, it is up to you to contract those services.  And let me tell you…it’s not a task for the faint-hearted!  This package includes assistance in setting up gas, water, electricity and Internet contracts. In case the utilities are already running in the chosen property and for whatever reason, the names need to be changed, we can assist with the name change as well.  Please consult for price.

You Name It! Package

Do you need a service not listed here?  Would you like to be picked-up at the airport in a limousine?  Schedule a helicopter ride?  This is a YOU-package, you call the shots.  Airport pick-up, School searches, Spanish courses, Medical Assistance, Parking your car, Housekeeping, etc.  Send us your request and we will do our best!

Legal Services! Package

One of the main things that separates Try Panama Real Estate from other local Real Estate firms, is that Try Panama Real Estate is partnered with Broce Pinilla y Associates Law Firm in Panama City.  BPA was founded by Jose Broce Guillermo Pinilla in 2005 and Jose later founded Try Panama Real Estate in 2012.  This means that your Try Panama Real Estate agent will assist in securing housing and any other relocation tasks and BPA will care of all your legal needs…it’s a one-stop shop that covers all the important steps when relocating to a new country!   Residency, property purchase, opening a Corporation, you name it…BPA can help.  Please consult for price.

Detective Work Package

Have you found a great property through another agency or owner direct, but you are not yet in Panama? No problem!  Your dedicated Try Panama Real Estate agent will go and inspect the property, provide pictures or set up a video chat with you while on-site.  We will provide an overall summary about the condition of the property, neighborhood, or any other information you require before making a decision.  We can assist you with translating the rental contract and ensure all the property owner or representing party are acting according to the law.



PLEASE NOTE: You will never be instructed to wire or send money related to closings or rentals without a phone call from this office first. Do not accept emailed instructions from anyone without voice verification and email confirmation from the official email address.


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