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New Gorgona, Panama is a small beach town essentially residential, with beautiful white and black beaches on the Pacific Ocean.

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Located at 79.5 km from Panama City, you reach Gorgona through the Panamerican Highway. Take a left turn on the Highway, and a narrow pavement path surrounded by vegetation, continued by a cobbled paving, leads into the beach.

Playa Gorgona, Panama has three salt and pepper beaches with very bright black sand coming from the quartz and magnetite minerals as a result of the volcanic ground of the sleeping volcano in El Valle. One of its beaches called “Black Sand” is mainly used by the fishermen and verges on a green hill where there is another beach at its other side called “Gorgona Beach”. This beach is wide and quite crowded, where you can see the neighbour town of Coronado in the distance. You can reach Coronado town with a pleasant walk on the beach while refreshing on its transparent green waters.

Malibu Beach is famous for being a surf spot and is located far away from the town which you can only reach by foot or a 4 wheel vehicle through the sand. You can walk for miles and reach to virgen places where human race hasn’t intervened yet. After a good walk, you will find the ocean mingle with the river forming an estuary and a sand island in a place surrounded by nature and mountains. There is enough wood for bonfires and camping.

Gorgona Panama has many options of accommodations where you can just choose to spend the day at the beach, restaurants, stores with a variety of products and a police station.

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