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The Panama Helpline

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The Panama Helpline 10154485_716756041681224_5873767839840581867_n

Originally called Neighbours helping Neighbours, the Panama Helpline provides an invaluable service to people living locally.

Whether you are planning to buy or rent, knowing there is someone out there that will help you 24 hours a day, in English, is very reassuring and I have to say, I have called them numerous times! Certainly when my car broke down just before the Bridge of The Americas in rush hour traffic (of all places and times!) and also when I was involved in a car accident and needed medical assistance.  Once, also, when I wanted to report a fire and couldn’t get my neighbours out of bed to warn them as they were too frightened to open the door to a ‘crazy Gringa’ at 2am in the morning! Each time, having someone on the end of the phone, reassuring me, calling me back etc. was a God send.

PHL offers 24 hour bilingual roadside assistance, emergency response for police, fire, ambulance, tow truck – bilingual help if you get lost, run out of gas, have cops trying to tow your car (or trying to make you pay a bribe) power outages – virtually any emergency, they can help.  (They are like the bilingual 911 and AAA of the interior)

Only $120 a year for the entire household – no matter how many people live in the house. Their coverage area is from Chamé to Penonomé including El Valle and Altos Del Maria. Their roadside assistance is national – anywhere you drive in Panama – if you run into trouble call them and they will send a tow truck to you (Towing fees, gas, ambulance rides, etc are not included obviously, and are paid directly to the towing or ambulance company)

Together with the Rotary Club of Playa Coronado they have raised $24,000 for their Medical Transport Fund –  and have purchased and are installing eight (8) automatic defibrillators (AED) and first aid kits across our area. Panama RoadRunner also trained the majority of their drivers in First Aid and CPR and they are available to the Panama Helpline in emergencies.

Check out their website for more information www.panamahelpline.org

Contact bettyhelpline@gmail.com or go online to become a Member

Stay Safe and Join Today!

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